Who Can Ride

Children and adults, each on a different vehicle, at the Oregon Dunes location

Who can ride? Is my child big enough to ride alone? How old do they have to be? All good questions!!!

At Steve’s ATV, we do have some restrictions on riders. The smallest rental we offer in Oregon, quad riders, are required to be between the ages of 7 & 12 and must be a min of 48″ tall to ride a quad buy themselves. As required by the state, Riders must fit the quad, which means they must be able to reach and operate all vehicle controls.

Now to be a passenger in a 4-seat UTV, we require all passengers to be a min of 50″ tall for the back seats and 60″ tall in the front seat. This allows them to sit firmly against the seat, have both feet on the floorboard, and reach the handholds.

Sorry, we do not allow car seats in our UTVs, and for mothers to be, for the safety of you and your unborn child, we cannot let you to ride with us.



Guest in ATV by the ocean