5 Ways We Keep Things Clean at Steve’s ATV

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At Steve’s ATV, your health and well-being is always top of mind, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. As a rental service, we understand that our equipment comes into contact with an array of people, which means germs can easily spread if not handled with care for the next user. We take the following measures to ensure all of our equipment is properly cleaned and sanitized ahead of every off-road adventure.

ATVs and UTVs Get Wiped Down Following Every Ride

After every ride, we sanitize the inside of our off-road vehicles with sanitizing wipes as part of keeping our ATVs and UTVs clean and as germ-free as possible. We wipe down surfaces with disinfectant including the steering wheel, dashboard, control panels, seats, and the other common touch points inside of our off-road vehicles.

We Spray Helmets With Disinfectant After Every Use

At Steve’s ATV, we take the extra step of sanitizing each helmet with disinfectant following every use. We are also offering helmets available for purchases at a discounted rate, so you have one to keep rather than using a borrowed helmet.

We Offer Single Use, Disposable Helmet Socks With Every Ride

We provide free, disposable helmet socks with every ride. Helmet socks not only keep you cool when riding in the heat, but they also protect you from picking up germs from another user’s sweat, saliva, or hair products. While we do sanitize each helmet with disinfectant after every use, we ask that riders use the provided helmet socks for additional protection.

Guest on ATV taking off his helmet

We Recommend Wearing Gloves to Avoid Direct Contact With Handles

Wearing gloves is another line of defense that provides a barrier between you and surfaces you touch. We recommend wearing riding gloves to protect you against calluses and blisters from gripping the handlebars, as well as protect you from picking up germs and bacteria.

Every Location Has Hand Sanitizer Readily Available

While washing your hands is always the best way to rid yourself of those pesky germs, we have hand sanitizer readily available at all of our locations. We do recommend washing your hands after every ride, but we also have hand sanitizer at various stations in our locations.

Guest using hand sanitizer

Steve’s ATV is Still Open!

If you’re ready to ride on the Pismo Beach Dunes, or if you’re ready to rip through Palm Springs on an ATV, or if you’re looking for ATV rentals in Coos Bay, we’ve got you! Steve’s ATV is still open for off-road adventures. Check out our discounts and specials and book your ATV excursion today!