4 Types of Four-Wheelers to Rent for Your ATV Adventure

Two guests riding in Can Am Maverick Turbo at sunset

Four wheeling adventures are thrilling. Not only are you in control of your off-road journey, but you can also take in all the sights and sounds of wherever you’re riding.


When choosing to off-road, one of the first things you will need to decide is which type of four-wheeler you’ll ride. Much of this depends on your experience, the terrain, and your age.


Let’s break down the four types of four-wheeler rentals you will come across.

1. Kids’ ATVs

This may not be a surprise, but kids need ATVs fit for their specifications.


Kids’ ATVs are made to match the rider’s height, weight, and ability to control the vehicle. These four-wheelers are small and lightweight, making them perfect for kids ages 5-12 to navigate. The controls are also simplified and easier to use.


This type of four-wheeler is best for flat, open areas (since kids are the ones riding them and shouldn’t be trying to climb any tall hills). Adults should also always supervise young riders on these vehicles.

2. Beginner ATVs

For first-time or teen riders, beginner ATVs are the best vehicle to use. explained that beginner ATVs have a smaller engine size and therefore a power output that is easily handled. These vehicles may also have simplified controls that account for the learning curve that naturally happens for new riders. Overall, this type of four-wheeler is suited for riders ages 9 and up because they are easier to handle, safer to ride, and sturdy.

3. Sport ATVs

These ATVs are perfect for your off-road adventures in Oregon. They are designed specifically for recreation and are the standard for four-wheelers.


Some Sport ATVs have manual speed transmissions, meaning their best suited for experienced riders. There are strict age requirements to operate these four-wheelers and a rider must demonstrate they are capable and showcase their riding abilities to rent these machines.


Sport ATVs that have automatic transmissions can be driven by riders over 18 years old if they can also prove their ability to operate a high-performance ATV.

4. UTVs and RZRs

Nationwide explained that UTVs (Utility Terrain Vehicles) were initially built more for work than recreation, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a fun way to explore the outdoors. These four-wheelers are large, powerful, and able to seat passengers side by side.


UTVs and RZRs drive more like cars than ATVs since they have a steering wheel. Because of their size and speed, you must be over 25 years old (and in some cases over 30) to drive them. They are best suited for sandy hills or the desert, so they are the perfect way to explore the Oregon dunes.


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