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I would just like to thank you for a wonderful experience riding the dunes and renting ATV’s from your company. I am 64 years old and the father of great children, one of which asked me to be part of his bachelor party weekend and come ride the dunes with 10 of his other friends. His younger brother was in charge of all plans.

Our group rented 11 ATV’s and all the folks working at Steve’s were very cordial and helpful from the first moment we walked through your doors. We were actually going to rent from another company, only based on website information, but fortunately my son did some checking and found out they actually had governors installed on their ATV’s. We don’t like the idea of other folks deciding how fast we should go. We are all so glad he did that checking and decided to rent from Steve’s. Thanks again for a wonderful experience. I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone wanting to ride the dunes to rent their ATV’s from Steve’s.

By the way, to other 64 year old’s out there who think they can keep up with young men half their age….it is possible. The downfall is that in a day or two after riding the dunes, your thighs are going to remind you that even though you don’t THINK you are that old, you are


POLARIS ACE      Last week was a long week for me at my job. I am a Systems Analyst for a health insurance company and I logged just under 70 hours last week. I worked for a little bit on Saturday but decided that I needed some time at the coast. My original plan was to go horseback riding in Bandon, Oregon. I joke that the horses are my “therapists”.

Things didn’t work out as planned. On Sunday morning, while heading back to Portland along Highway 101, I decided to stop by your south location and just see what all was involved with renting one of your vehicles. Jessica was working on Sunday and was amazing. She gave me information on all of your vehicles. She also suggested that I rent an Ace RZR. She called the Hauser location to see if it was available. While waiting for the call back, she showed me a two-seater RZR and showed me how it worked.

When I arrived at the Hauser location, everyone was super friendly. I told them that I had spoken to Jessica and that she suggested the Ace. I went through the paperwork and watched the video. The instructors showed me how to use the vehicle and gave me directions to the beach. They also helped me adjust the seat and get settled. At that point, I decided to add an extra hour of time.

I am 45 years old. I’ve ridden quads but it has been a long time. The Ace was perfect! I had a blast exploring the Dunes. I fell in love with the Coast Guard route as it allowed me to learn how to handle the vehicle better. I also loved riding on the beach. It was so cool to be riding along the Pacific Ocean!

Heading into my second hour, I headed back. I thought I was heading to the offices but I was actually heading north. It was awesome! Unfortunately, I got a bit turned around. I called the office and Charles gave me directions. Unfortunately, I was still a bit turned around. I called again and he offered to come get me. While he was on his way, I actually figured out how to get back. (I forgot I had GPS on my phone!)

As I was heading back, Charles showed up. He gave me some directions and also led me back. He was super nice. I really appreciated that, especially since I’m sure he had a long day and didn’t want to be out looking for someone. Kudos to him for his kindness.

So…THANK YOU to your entire crew for treating me so well and making me forget last week. They definitely helped get this week started out right with their amazing customer service. I will definitely be back and look forward to bringing family and friends with me so they can experience the amazing Oregon Dunes.

Melissa (Missy) Booker

      PS: By the way, the horses are great therapists, but the Ace is pretty good too!

JP I. FROM SAN JOSE • 2/22/14

yelp-logo-smThe shop: Steve’s was recommended by a friend, they didn’t disappoint. I got most of my questions answered by email beforehand and tips from the friend.We came out 9am for our 10am pre-booked rental (drove ourselves over). We were the only customers at that time, everything went smoothly, all as expected. The safety video was short enough and not all that useful. The staff on the beach was just fine, not overly pandering, just to the point and answered our questions. A quick run down on the starter/break/gear was all we needed and of we went.

The ATV-ing experience:I was with my two boys and we had an absolute blast, no problems at all with the ATVs. We didn’t do anything too crazy (like jumping, really steep hills), so we didn’t ride our ATVs to extreme … and thus kept everybody safe. Because we were early there was hardly anyone there, so that makes things easier and thus safer.We definitely want to do that again some day.

THE AMBLERS | 12/28/13

IMG_0447smI grew up in Pismo. Even worked at the ATC rentals (Yep, I said ATC. That’s how far back i go). I used to be an instructor when i was 12. I took my son down for the day. We rented a RZR and had a blast. He is ready to go back. Sherman and the staff were great. Candace at the Pier store was also very helpful 5 stars from us. My son can’t wait until he is old enought to drive himself.

AK from LA | 11/18/13

yelp-logo-smI never write reviews, but after the experience with Steve’s ATV I am very happy to write this one down.I compared Steve’s service and price with BJs and Arnies atv( these other 2 business will charge you more for the same hours, including a fee to take people to the beach).BJs will rent you goggles(3$ at steve’s) for no charge if you leave a 10$ deposit.We only had one person wearing goggles, and he end it up taking it off because it got on the way. At least for beginners like us, sunglasses worked just fine.Also, when I called for quotes to both BJs and Arnies, would highly suggest young teenagers(12-14) to ride their 250CC due to weight restrictions. I am having a feeling that they just wanted the extra profit from it.Steve’s atv provided with 125cc and recommended the 12-13 age teens for the 125 cc and they had no trouble with them. You could not even tell that they were slower than the rest of the group(all of them were beginners). In addition, I think it is a lot safer for young teenagers to ride the 125cc automatic transmission.I ordered through the online reservation for a group of 15 people and the staff was very quick to reach me out and solve inconsistencies on my reservation.The staff is very friendly and gave us a free ride to the beach(most places will charge you 5$).Also, they have an early bird special that if you show up early before 9, you can ride until noon for free. That could mean 1 entire hour for free.We got there a bit late, and with all the paperwork and safety videos, so we only had 30 mins extra.I am not sure, if i should mention this, but one of our flag poles snapped off!, but they were still cool about it and didn’t charge us for it!!.I guess the only suggestion that I would have, is to leave an additional video to instruct how to operate the atv. That would save some time for beginners.Their trailer is the very first one that you will find when you drive to the dunes.

CATHY D. FROM LA | 7/13/13

yelp-logo-smHEY I’m giving them a 5 because, they didn’t make things too complicated LOLSo there was about 7 of us which was cool we all didnt get the same bikes because there werent enough of themCUSTOMER SERVICE @ shop: first impression inside the shop, they were like eh just because it didnt seem so lively in there and the store was really different compared to the other ones that had 5 stars.. so I was hoping this was legit ahah but when they told us to go down to the beach and a yellow bus would pick us up… I was like where was the location? How would they know to pick us up? lol WHERE DO WE STAND! it was strange .. I wish it was clarified more.. I know there are some bad parts in this review but still giving it a 5 ! lol read on!EXPERIENCE: IT WAS AMAZING! highly recommended because its the best place ever to experience ATV! I did it in mexico and it was just flat but this place had practically an obstacle course!! WHAT thats so cool!! They had the very hard and then the medium dunes and then a place for beginners if they wanted to cruise! so I LOVED it here would def go back.CUSTOMER SERVICE @ beach: They made us watch a safety video and what to do and how things work and they tell you and test you if you know how to use it after watching the vid. they tell you how much they would charge if you ever broke anything etc so thats nice telling you how much you had to pay… lol In mexico they just had you get on it and go and thats it nothing else – so I guess for beginners it would make you more comfortable getting on the ATVSO! You usually would have to pay for a lot of things if things were broken. My friend flilp w his ATV and didn’t get charged extra! It totally look like his flag broke and didnt get charged. so nice! ( which he prob should’ve been but I like that we didnt cuz itw as $$$) and then my friends fender broke .. but she didnt flip or anything it was just already like that? my other friend lights were smashed and he didnt fall either? I guess they failed to look at the ATV but giving it a 5 BECAUSE! smooth transaction and we didnt get charge for those so that was LOVELY!Id’ come here again!we HAVE to do 2 hours because it was MINIMUM ( however 1 hr in mexico and here was enough so 2 hours is SUCH A LONG TIME!)


daytons-smHad a great time at bat caves. The rides around Glamis North were amazing. Definitely going back for me.